Georgia Psych



Our Story

Welcome to Georgia Psychology & Counseling! We specialize in evaluating and diagnosing psychological disorders and in the effective treatment of people in psychological distress or struggling with mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD or addiction. Dr. Adrian Janit, a licensed clinical psychologist, established this private practice in 2010. Since that time, we have built a really great team of mental health professionals. Our primary goal is to offer the highest possible standard of patient and client care. This means state-of-the-art assessment procedures, as well as up-to-date treatment and therapy and counseling techniques, in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Patients

Our patients are frequently referred by family physicians, pediatricians, and psychiatrists who are seeking clarification of symptoms, accurate diagnoses, recommendations, and treatment. Some clients are referred through the school system to help determine the need for academic accommodations and advanced/gifted placement. Many of our clients are referred through insurance companies for evaluation and treatment, as we accept most major medical insurances. We also welcome self-referred and private clients! Georgia Psychology & Counseling serves individuals and families across the greater Augusta GA area, including Evans, Martinez and Grovetown.

Our Promise

We pledge to treat you with kindness and respect, to provide a safe and supportive space, to devote our undivided attention to you, and to care about you as a unique individual. We promise to be there for you in every step of your journey toward healing, discovering your inner strengths, and enhancing your life.