Adrian Janit PhD psychologist


Dr. Adrian Janit is a licensed clinical psychologist in Georgia and South Carolina. He earned his BA from Weber State University, and his MA and PhD from Northern Illinois University.  He was a faculty member in the psychology department at Augusta University before entering full-time clinical practice.

Dr. Janit's clinical interests lie in the areas of psychological assessment, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addictions, and anger/violence.  He trained for several years in the delivery of empirically supported treatments for anxiety disorders.  He also trained for several years in intervention for interpersonal violence, anger, and abuse.  He has extensive experience working with people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and dependence.  According to Dr. Janit, "It is a privilege to assist people as they face their most difficult fears, and to serve as a fellow traveler as they rise to the most daunting challenges of life."

Dr. Janit describes his primary therapeutic approaches as behavioral and existential.  His favorite mantra is, "Where the body goes, the mind will follow."  His therapy involves a highly supportive, reinforcing environment, cognitive and behavioral exercises, and gradual activation back to original functioning and beyond.  Dr. Janit characterizes his philosophical orientation as existential and humanistic, and thus he works with clients to explore life's more ambiguous topics, including isolation, intimacy, freedom, and meaning.  One of his favorite quotes is by Plato: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Dr. Janit has a deep appreciation for the utility of psychological assessment.  He employs state-of-the-art psychological tests and assessment measures in order to derive the most accurate diagnoses and generate appropriate treatment recommendations.  When recently asked to describe his assessment style, Dr. Janit remarked, "Consider me the House MD of psychological assessment - without the bad attitude.  I enjoy figuring out the puzzle and answering difficult assessment questions.  I like helping people understand where their difficulties lie, and providing potential treatment options."

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